At Keystone,

a consultation is a conversation,

not a commitment.

Our Process

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Our process always begins with a Complimentary Phone Consultation.

This is simply a conversation, not a commitment, that allows you the opportunity to explain your needs and goals, learn about our personalized approach to healthcare, and ultimately determine if Keystone is the right place for you. 


Moving forward, our initial NeuroStructural Examination spans 2 visits and involves specific, objective analytics to determine if an Atlas Displacement is present and grade it's global effects on your neuromusculoskeletal system.

A follow up Results Conference will be scheduled to review and discuss your specific case and options for personalized healthcare.



Following the Results Conference, the first Upper Cervical Atlas Correction will be rendered. In addition, any Corrective Exercise and/or Structural Rehabilitation will be performed as well.

Let's Chat

We do things differently with our Complimentary Consultations. 

The first contact with our practice will be with Dr. Cameron directly, in the form of a phone consultation.

We've set aside times solely dedicated for these conversations,

so that we can give you 110% of the attention you deserve.

Please follow our 3-Step Consultation Process below and lets have a conversation about what's going on.

Please fill in all the required information*

Out of Town & Out of State

Being North Carolina's only practice to be trained and proficient in the specialized Blair Upper Cervical Method has garnered patients from long distances.

For prospective patients that are traveling, we ask that you please call

our office directly and inform us of your situation. We will aide

in providing accommodations to the best of our ability.

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"  My experience at Keystone was nothing short of amazing. Dr. Cameron and his team were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. "

Adam W.

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* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary depending on an individual’s unique health history and clinical circumstances.

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